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Number 10 Downing St – Center of Information

Center of Information - Web site of UK Prime Minister - David Cameron - Bogdan Ciocoiu - Number 10 - Center of Information - 10 Downing St

As a leading software development consultancy, we partnered with Number 10 (Cabinet Office) to deploy WordPress plugins for the then-British prime minister’s PR team. Our involvement included front and back-end software development, utilising HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP.

One of the key challenges we faced was ensuring that the plugins we developed were suitable for the high volume of traffic the prime minister’s website receives. We developed solutions to this challenge that supported Content Delivery Networks (CDN). CDN is an essential component for scaling sites to handle significant traffic.

We integrated our custom plugin with some of the biggest CDN providers in the market, including Akamai. We recommend Akamai for its extensive global coverage to ensure the prime minister’s website remains fast and responsive. Our extensive experience allows us also to integrate Cloudflare and Fastly CDM providers.

WordPress development and CDN

In addition to CDN, we developed advanced server-side and front-end browser-based caching solutions to improve the website’s performance. Our caching solutions incorporate providers such as Redis, Memcached and Varnish.

Our extensive WordPress development experience and ability to deliver secure solutions made us the right development partner for the prime minister’s PR team.

We also understand the audience the then prime minister’s website attracts, which allowed us to optimise the front-end code. As a result, we minimised the front-end code and optimised the browser roundtrips to achieve this.

We ensured our plugins were compatible with the current most prominent WordPress plugins, including Yoast SEO and Jetpack. This allowed the prime minister’s PR team to extend the functionality to respond to policy changes, reporting and press releases.

Our engagement with the Cabinet Office was a success. We’re proud to have played a part in improving the online presence of the then-British prime minister. As a leading internal software consultancy, we’re always ready to partner with organisations to deliver innovative solutions.