Software solutions drive automation

Software solutions

Improve business performance and online visibility by leveraging robust custom software development

Create websites, analyse web traffic, develop high-performance teams, streamline project management through innovation and reporting

Develop strategic sustainable competitive advantages

Online software solutions

IT project management

Improve programme and project coordination capabilities

Digital custom development

Launch websites using WordPress content management systems

Technical assistance

Introduce technical enablers to improve business performance

Cloud software solutions

Entrepreneurship and innovation rely on web software development and disruptive technological enablers

Virtual remote collaboration

Enable teams to collaborate as if they were in the same office while working from different parts of the world

Robust project controls

Set up powerful centralised project management office tools to realise your benefits within a given time and budget

Reflect on your project portfolio

Why projects fail?

Statistics show that projects fail due to common challenges. Address these obstacles using robust project management frameworks.

Develop bespoke software solutions

Project plans vary based on scope, team size and budget. However, there are several well-known project coordination methodologies that apply to most projects.

These methodologies vary in project phasing, the reviewing methodology, stakeholder engagement, reporting, prioritising work and other BAU activities.

Choose the right software solutions

Choosing the proper project delivery framework is not only about choosing the right software tool, as it is also about using the right processes in the correct order at the right time to deliver consistent results.

Best practices

Support your teams more effectively

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Get stakeholders’ buy-in during the development phase
  • Motivate the team throughout all lifecycles
  • Provide the team with enabling the tools and techniques
  • Identify key stakeholders and keep them in the loop
  • Control interfaces with other parties, i.e. who does what?

Improve quality and delivery

  • Get to the right level of technical details
  • Apply SMART performance measurement methods
  • Integrate consistent stage-gate verification processes
  • Integrate a fit-for-purpose project methodology
  • Establish control products to check progress against daily
  • Identify risks and encourage early mitigation measures
Be a leader in your sector

Leverage cost-effective high-performance software solutions

Personalities and team formation

Teams with diverse Myers & Briggs personalities deliver successful projects

Learning & upskilling

Up-skill your team using LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera or alternative platforms

Empowering the development team

Provide the tools and capacities to enable your team to deliver on time and within budget successfully

Web software development, bespoke, custom programming

software development

Google web analytics provides you with details about your audience and their navigation behaviour, which helps you improve your content quality, return and conversion rates 

Develop quality web content

Custom web software development increases your visibility and digital footprint

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Web software solutions

Embrace change in a world of digital disruption to gain sustainable competitive advantage. Design and deploy software to automate, verify and accelerate business-as-usual processes. In doing so, you will incorporate change and leverage digital capabilities, reduce cost and de-risk operations.

IT and helpdesk bring two complementary dimensions. IT includes transformative systems and platforms as well as software development.

Create strategic tech-enabled business partnerships with the IT department and leverage software opportunities and new competitive capabilities.

Bogdan Ciocoiu