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Technical training improves performance.

Technical training

In today’s digital age, IT technical training is a cornerstone for private and public organisations in the UK. Such training is vital as it equips employees with the essential skills to navigate the intricate world of technology. 

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Private sector

Competitive edge

In the fiercely competitive landscape of private firms, having a proficient IT workforce sets the stage for success. IT training enables employees to harness the power of technology, making businesses more agile and efficient.

Information security

Private firms handle sensitive customer data, financial records, and proprietary information. Proper IT training instils cybersecurity awareness, reducing the risk of data breaches and financial losses.

Increased productivity

IT training optimises workflow processes, empowering employees to work more efficiently. This boost in productivity directly improves the organisation’s bottom line.

Technical training for graduates and new joiners

Public sector and government

Technical training for service delivery

Public organisations deliver essential services to citizens. Practical IT training ensures these services remain accessible and efficient, promoting the satisfaction of members of the public and residents.

Technical training for data management

Government entities deal with vast amounts of sensitive data. Comprehensive IT training is crucial for safeguarding this data against cyber threats and ensuring transparency in government operations.

Technical training to achieve cost savings

Government organisations can achieve cost savings through IT training by streamlining processes, reducing paperwork, and improving decision-making with data analytics.

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Help businesses become more resilient

Technical training services

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Learn to develop blogs, forums and websites using the universal web development languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Develop using W3C coding standards

Improve your coding capabilities to ensure websites are compatible with all browsers and platforms, i.e. PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Use Linux/UNIX operating systems

Learn how to use open-source operating systems from Linux to decrease your running and maintenance costs substantially.

Bogdan Ciocoiu - IT technical training and support services for businesses and public organisations

Classroom training

Hands-on learning and technical training

In-person training offers a hands-on experience, allowing participants to interact directly with hardware and software. This tactile approach fosters a deeper understanding of IT systems.

Real-time support and technical training

Participants benefit from immediate assistance and guidance from instructors, enhancing their learning experience and addressing any queries promptly.

Networking opportunities

In-person training sessions provide a platform for networking with peers and industry professionals, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Specialised technical training for returning mothers

Remote training


Remote training offers flexibility, allowing participants to learn at their own pace and on their schedule, reducing disruptions to daily work.


It caters to a geographically diverse audience, making training accessible to stakeholders in remote areas or with limited mobility.


Remote training can be cost-effective, eliminating travel and accommodation expenses and making it a viable option for organisations with budget constraints, such as NPOs.

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Enable organisations to transform

Comprehensive technical training services

Cisco and Unix network security

Learn to set up Cisco switches, routers, and Linux network firewalls to protect your organisation from external threats.

Integrate server virtualisation

Learn to operate virtualised servers; achieve cost savings by managing multiple operating systems within the same server.

Diagnose and troubleshoot

Learn to diagnose your local computers and networks to decrease downtime, increase savings and improve productivity.

Bogdan Ciocoiu - IT technical training and support services for businesses and public organisations

Underestimating training

Security vulnerabilities

Organisations are more susceptible to security breaches and cyberattacks without proper training, leading to data loss and reputational damage.


The absence of IT training results in inefficiencies, decreased productivity, and increased downtime due to technical issues.

Missed opportunities

Organisations that need to pay more attention to internal technical training and the potential benefits of technological advancements are hindering innovation and growth.

Specialised technical training for public servants

Modern systems

training evolution

The IT landscape evolve rapidly. Up-to-date training ensures that employees are proficient in the latest Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, as well as software and hardware.


Updated training ensures employees can seamlessly integrate new technologies into existing systems, preventing compatibility issues.

Bogdan Ciocoiu - IT technical training and support services for businesses and public organisations
Invest in training and improvement

Web development technical training

Wordpress web development

Learn to deploy WordPress CMS, including thousands of plugins, themes and widgets, to decrease your web development budget.

PHP and MySQL development

Learn to automate whilst working with data, using server-side open-source PHP scripts and open-source MySQL databases.

SEO web content publishing

Learn how to publish SEO-friendly content on a web page using Google ranking factors to score top ranking on search engines.

Bogdan Ciocoiu - IT technical training and support services for businesses and public organisations

IT technical training is a critical investment for private and public organisations. Whether through in-person or remote training, it empowers employees to harness the full potential of technology, enhancing productivity, security, and service delivery. 

Neglecting training can result in inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and missed opportunities. Organisations must keep their training current and draw insights from previous troubleshooting and user feedback to remain competitive and effective. 

This commitment to IT training benefits the organisation and contributes to the overall growth and success of the UK’s business and public sectors.

Learn from feedback and troubleshooting

Embed continuous improvement principles in the curriculum for technical training services. You can achieve this by leveraging lessons learnt practices and regular design reviews. Learning from past troubleshooting experiences and user feedback enables organisations to refine their training programs, making them more effective and relevant.

Establish a user-centric approach during the design of the technical training programme. You can achieve this by establishing the personas likely to benefit from the specialised training initiatives. Incorporating insights from IT users ensures that training aligns with employees’ needs and challenges, promoting user satisfaction.