Robust reporting management drives change

Reporting management

Project and programme reporting management has never been more critical to making informed, evidence-based decisions by leveraging data analytics and visualisation.

Choose the right type of dashboard based on your reporting management requirements

Reporting management requirements

Static PowerPoint or Keynote

Manually compile static dashboards using PowerPoint or Keynote and external data sources

Single-source BI dashboards

Develop a dynamic BI dashboard while consulting a data set such as a database, or an Excel / Access file

Linked multi-source BI dashboards

Develop a self-refreshing multi-page BI-enabled dashboard while integrating multiple data sets

Dashboard design

Power BI and Tableau are two powerful software tools specialised in generating interactive dashboards using pre-connected data sets such as dashboards, Excel or Access files.

Rich user experience

Interact with the dashboards by filtering, selecting specific themes and dropdown options to ease the data interpretation

Integrate multiple data sets

Interlink and query virtually unlimited data sources to draw and interpret unique findings to support your decision-making process

Automated dashboard refresh

Optimise your resourcing requirements by scheduling your dashboards to refresh automatically at certain times or semiautomatically with a push of a button

Automated data cleansing

Leverage powerful functions to clean up data sets before integrating the information into dashboards

Diverse dashboard designs

Design multiple dashboards using a single set of data to respond to various stakeholder requirements simultaneously

Compare reporting management technologies

Find out which type of dashboard technology is suitable for your business based on your stakeholder requirements

How quickly can dashboards be set up?
Static vs dynamic BI
How much automation can be embedded?
Static vs BI
How fast can one make quick changes?
Static vs dynamic BI
How easy is it to replicate dashboards?
Static vs dynamic BI
How easy is it to update a dashboard?
Static vs dynamic BI
How simple is it to design a dashboard?
Static vs BI
How simple is it to load data through dashboard widgets?
Static vs BI
How simple is it to change the widgets?
Static vs BI
How simple is it to make dashboards available offline?
Static vs dynamic BI
How simple is it to load dashboards on portable devices?
Static vs dynamic BI

Dashboard development

One can also download static dashboards and interpret information offline in most cases, given no dependency on a SharePoint site or Microsoft Teams.

Static PowerPoint or Keynote dashboards

Static dashboards are quick to build; they require very little technical preparation and software support and leverage Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote

Timely and highly customisable dashboards

Quickly create fully tailored PowerPoint or Keynote presentations using pre-built shapes and charts to convey a clear message within minutes

Easy to email across as lightweight files

The static dashboard can be exported as OCR-ready PDF files and emailed to facilitate information distribution across multiple stakeholders

Compatibility with bespoke mobile devices and tablets

Popular file formats such as PDF, PPTX (PowerPoint) or KEY (Keynote) are compatible with Dropbox, Box and other file-sharing technologies used on mobile devices

Low-level technical requirements for data sets

Static dashboards do not introduce a dependency on a sophisticated technical process, such as correlating or integrating multiple data sets or defining data types

Reporting management and dashboard design - Bogdan Ciocoiu
Enable C-suite and CXOs to make informed decisions

Why is reporting management critical for businesses?

Teams productivity

Agile Scrum teams outline of epics and user stories; burnout charts; utilisation vs benching rates; attrition and sickness rates

Project planning

Multi-level Gantt project planning filterable by workstream, department, activity owner or completion percentages

Inflight deliverables

A detailed schedule for contractual deliverables with RAG information; reflect first and final draft dates and sign-off milestones

Risk management

Risks and issues mgmt reflected with mitigation action owners and due dates; leverage Gantt views for mitigation action management

Dependency mgmt

Correlate project activities with project dependencies to weight potential delivery risks; RAG dependency fulfilment

PMO management

Manage PMO governance via BI capabilities, including reflecting meeting dates, post-meeting minutes, actions and owners