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Hi there!

Welcome to Bogdans.co.uk - our catalogue of achievements. We are a small outsourcing agency competing with existing SME consultancy firms within UK. We specialise in blending technical solutions with business needs, seeking to generate sustainable competitive advantages and operational efficiencies, for our customers.

Any questions? Drop us an email. Here are our main USPs:

  • We do not charge agency fees (sales, accounting, etc.)
  • We can work remotely - less time wasted on commuting - lower rates
  • If required we may be able to work flexible hours

Fully transparent

We are an independent group of professional certified contractors, producing development, consulting, project management or technical support services for SMEs.

We might look like a digital agency but we are not, we will not charge the world. The group was founded by Bogdan Ciocoiu mid-2010.

We're professional contractors, most of the times we're delivering from our customers' offices.

We're currently based in London, however we've served overseas customers too - location wouldn't be an issue. We're not an offshore company.

Our staff charges the market average based on the nature of the service (development, project management, consulting, etc.).

There are no agency costs involved since we are not an agency - we're charging just daily rates. Also there're no sale calls involved, no cold calls, no newsletters, nothing which will waste your time.

Each one of us has its own unique set of skills.

Once a request is being acknowledged, we've passing it to the appropriate contractor, based on our own availability. Your data is covered within the SLA; there's also a confidentiality policy attached and other legal clauses which should remove any concerns you may have.



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