Technical training support adds capabilities

Technical training

Schedule training activities recommended by software development, system administration, marketing and project management specialists

Technical training support services, customer services

Technical training availability

On-site IT technical support

Mobilise level 1 and 2 technical support to look after your computers and infrastructure using both software and hardware capabilities to improve your business operations.

Having on-site subject matter experts reduces their response time dramatically and enables them to replace broken parts and deliver a more complex helpdesk service throughout the day.

Off-site technical IT support

Provide remote software support for your teams using modern remote desktop technological solutions such as Microsoft Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer or Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Supplement the support service with a phone-based and email ticketing system for less critical requests.

Invest in training and improvement

Technical training services

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

Learn to develop blogs, forums and websites using the universal web development languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Develop using W3C coding standards

Improve your coding capabilities, ensure websites are compatible with all browsers and platforms, i.e. PC, tablets and mobile devices

Use Linux operating systems

Learn how to use open-source operating systems from Linux to decrease your running and maintenance costs substantially

Wordpress web development

Learn to deploy WordPress CMS, including thousands of plugins, themes and widgets, to decrease your web development budget

PHP and MySQL development

Learn to automate whilst working with data, using server-side open-source PHP scripts and open-source MySQL databases

SEO web content publishing

Learn how to publish SEO friendly content on a web page using Google ranking factors to score top ranking on search engines

Cisco and Unix network security

Learn to set up Cisco switches, routers and Linux network firewalls to protect your organisation from external threats

Integrate server virtualisation

Learn to operate virtualised servers; achieve cost savings by managing multiple operating systems within the same server

Diagnose and troubleshoot

Learn to diagnose your local computers and local networks, to decrease downtime, increase savings and improve productivity