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Sushimania - Bogdan Ciocoiu - Credentials

SushiMania entrusted us with a comprehensive range of services, which enabled them to elevate their digital presence and operational efficiency. Our collaboration encompassed a diverse array of projects and ongoing consultations, which spanned several years.

Delivered bespoke software to SushiMania

We integrated the Typo3 Content Management System (CMS) within SushiMania’s digital framework, enhancing content management capabilities. Therefore, this transition empowered the firm to upgrade and manage its website content swiftly.

We employed cutting-edge web technologies as we crafted dynamic web solutions for SushiMania. Our expertise in HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP ensured a visually appealing and responsive website frontend interface.

Our team delivered a bespoke e-commerce platform for SushiMania, featuring multiple advanced functionality:

  • Bespoke user registration and login — We implemented a user-friendly registration and login system, enhancing user engagement and retention.
  • Order coordination — We streamlined the entire order process from ingredient procurement to menu creation and kitchen coordination, ensuring operational efficiency, stock management and customer satisfaction.
  • Complete feedback and review system — We integrated a robust feedback and review system. In addition, we enabled our partner to gather valuable insights and continuously improve its services.
  • Bespoke fidelity point system — Our bespoke loyalty points system incentivised customer retention and boosted SushiMania’s customer loyalty.

Managed the SushiMania physical network

We assumed the responsibility of overseeing our partner’s local network (LAN), ensuring optimal performance and security for their 30 computers.

Our expertise extended to managing the IP infrastructure at Level 3 of the OSI model. Subsequently, we guaranteed the reliability and efficiency of SushiMania’s network and cable-based communications across diverse protocols, including TCP/IP, telephony and CCTV.

Long-Term Consulting Relationship

Throughout our long-term consulting relationship with SushiMania, we provided invaluable strategic insights:

  • Analysis of emerging technologies — we constantly evaluated emerging technologies, enabling our partner to stay at the forefront of innovation in the culinary industry.
  • PESTLE (Political, Economic, Societal, Technological, Legal, and Environmental) and Porter’s 5 Forces factors assessment — our thorough strategic analysis enabled informed our partner’s CXO decision-making. Similarly, we helped SushiMania adapt to the evolving business landscape.
  • Integration benefits evaluation — we engaged in selective discussions regarding integrating emerging technologies and their potential benefits to SushiMania. These deliberations helped align technology investments with the company’s long-term goals and growth strategies.

Our partnership with SushiMania encompassed the deployment of Typo3 CMS, the development of a bespoke e-commerce website, the management of their local network and IP infrastructure, and ongoing consulting services. Likewise, by leveraging our expertise, we enabled our partner to thrive in the competitive culinary industry. In addition, SushiMania fostered growth and innovation, and together, we matured over several years.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and strategic guidance remains unwavering as we seek to continue to support SushiMania’s digital journey.