Custom software development capabilities

Custom software development

Create efficient wireframes, attractive websites and powerful back-end systems, publish interactive content and sell products online

Deploy powerful web sites using content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal

Custom software development capabilities

Creative digital artwork 2.0

Create a unique representative visual identity to ensure your website communicates efficiently with your audience

Interactive web user experience

Design interactive web sites to allow your visitors to connect with your organisation through charts, widgets and media content

mobiles, Desktop & tablets WEB SITES

Design wireframes suitable for your audience and compatible with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices

Benefits of working with a custom web software development partner

Custom software development partner

One page, mini and micro sites

Suitable for launching events, internal file or content sharing, booking systems and media galleries, voting systems

CMS - Web content management systems

Set up a CMS using WordPress or Drupal and access open source plugins, themes and widgets, so you can focus on content writing

E-commerce and mobile commerce

Sell online through Magento, PrestaShop or OpenCart whilst integrating PayPal, SagePay or Amazon secure payment methods

SEO - Search engine optimisation

Always publish SEO friendly content, considering Google ranking factors, to improve your search engine result positioning

Social community online integration

Link with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit, Snapchat, Quora, Youtube, LinkedIn and others

Cloud based web collaboration

Use Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Dropbox, Box, ERP/CRM to gather data from around the organisation and shared it strategically

Web responsiveness for tablet devices

Test web sites on multiple browsers to ensure they render well on all sized screens including tablets and mobile phones

W3c development and coding standards

Ensure your web sites comply with W3C, HTML and CSS standards to avoid errors, data and financial loss, or reputational damage

HTML development documentation

Whilst developing web sites ensure adequate documentation is created to support the maintenance phase

Version control measures

Use SVN and Git to control your coding versions; enable multiple developers to code simultaneously on the same projects

Unit, system, integration testing

Ensure your web sites are tested against MySQL injections and DDoS attacks, to avoid data loss, and reputational damage

Long term trusted development partner

Engage a trusted partner to work beside you and bring in-depth knowledge and experience in diverse areas of IT

WordPress custom software development

Content management systems became very popular, due to their open source character, accessibility, deployment versatility and compatibility with  all main operating systems.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and it has thousands of open source plugins, themes and widgets available in the public domain.

The rapid development of the Internet introduced modern technologies ie content distribution networks, which combined with the innovative support from the WordPress community, encouraged the development of advanced hosting services, optimised for WordPress websites.

Bogdan Ciocoiu

Custom software development, PHP, web development, Microsoft ASP, CSS, HTML

Flexible content publishing

Deploy the most flexible and popular CMS, so you can focus on writing unique content and creating attractive interactive media content.

Plan and deliver development projects using WordPress technology to promote your business on the Internet and increase its digital footprint.