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Bogdan's portfolio

Why us?

Despite the fact that the ICT market of service providers looks saturated, here's where we stand:

  • We've delivered to international clients in both Eastern and Western Europe
  • We've brought our contribution at 2 different large governmental projects
  • Smallest project: one week -- longest: 9 months - both remote or delivered from customer's site 
  • We do not charge agency fees, just daily rates for our staff's efforts

Our USPs

We value efficiency and feasibility - we don't encourage sales talk and we don't enforce similar bureaucratic barriers. Our team can deliver a clear technical solutions from day one. We also support remote work, Skype conferences or similar instruments which can shrink the time wasted on commuting.

Recent projects


We've started to deliver services within the ICT industry in 2004 in Bucharest, Romania. Since then we've delivered more than 300 projects of various sizes from 1 week of work up to 9 months (Nottingham, UK, 20011-2012).

All massive projects


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Should you ask any questions about the clients or about the projects we've worked with, feel free to contact us as indicated on the contact page or by clicking on the following button.

We've managed budgets between £250 and 0.5 mil. € - there's plenty of room for a new project between these margins.