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WordPress development

WordPress became one of the most popular open source content management systems available on the market.

It’s being supported by a large community, constantly maintained and upgraded, offering flexibility and scalability for the majority of web projects you may have to build.

WordPress comes with a framework of its own, allowing you to build efficient deliverables such as:

Plugin development – by calling framework methods, initialisation methods (running the plugin for the first time in a WP instance), etc.

Themes development – front-end work – HTML, CSS and JQuery

Benefits of developing using WordPress

By developing outside the WordPress framework, you’ll be able to constantly update your WP instance without overwriting what was produced outside the default package.

We’re offering WordPress development services including: front-end development, back-end web development and search engine optimization including Google ranking factors integration.

Alternatives to WordPress

The most popular alternatives to WordPress are: Drupal, Joomla and Typo3. There are also similar alternatives for .NET technologies.

WordPress projects

We’ve developed WordPress web sites since 2004 – for more details please check out our portfolio or give us a call.