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Web design and build

We have produced web sites using various content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Typo3 or Joomla, since 2004.

The longest production project we've been involved in took place in Nottingham, UK, 2011-1012 and it lasted or 9 months. Biggest project we had in terms of the size of the audience took place for Central Office of Information (www.number10.gov.uk) in London, 2012.


Make sure you have a unique logo, an effective banner or home page looks readable and communicate the commercial message efficiently to your audience.

Creative services - designers delivering in pen and paper

Interface design - draw widgets - visualize the project's functionalities

Wireframes - agree with stake holders based on wireframes looks

Small presentation web site

Choose the right size for your presentation web site based on the nature of the content.

Brochure web applications

Publish details about an event, a single product, a service or produce a digital newsletter which will eventually be emailed towards your audience.

Micro sites

Create awareness based on a large product or an event which requires a booking system for example. This is the ideal scenario for a one-week service launch which requires online presence.

Presentation web apps

Build a comprehensive presentation web site for your company or for the products you love most.

Content management systems

A content management system helps you add, update or remove pages faster. It also adds extra features such as sorting pages, uploading media files or similar publishing operations.

Content management systems for publishing

Their role is to facilitate the content publishing process, by focusing on user experience, keeping the solution easy to use, light and by allowing page sorting, hiding, structuring content based on categories and so on.

Electronic commerce solutions

Their purpose is to facilitate the publishing process for product details (including images, product features, product documentation, or similar).

Data management solutions

Their primarily objective is to store large amounts of data in a structured pattern, organized, indexed - ready to be searched through. Most of the times multi-layer server caching solutions are being provided.

Copywriting and publishing services

Publish relevant content in a Google friendly manner and optimize the visibility of your web site over the Internet so that when a visitor will search for a certain keyword, your URL will be listed on the first positions of the first Google page.

Social platforms

Integrate social platforms and help with promoting your content faster through Facebook, Twitter, blogs or wiki sites.

Blogs - use WordPress, Expression Engine, Drupal, Textpattern, Joomla, Nucleus CMS, etc. in order to publish posts Google-friendly posts efficiently

Forums - administer maintain a community of contributors for your forum

Wiki sites - organize a wiki database and publish content for your audience

Collaboration sites

Use Microsoft SharePoint or a 3rd party Intranet solution provider in order to facilitate the use of digital documents, in order to support collaboration within the workforce and in order to minimise the amount of time spend on archiving or performing workflows.

Mobile-friendly web sites

Make your web site load correctly from the visual perspective on mobile devices as well as on iPads, Playbooks or on similar technology.

Development and coding standards

Developers know that the quality of the code influences the development process and the efficiency with which a project will be maintained along the time.

Documenting the code

Help preserve consistency, have your application documented so that the next developers will identify easier blocks of code.


Make sure your products were developed in compliance with the latest web HTML / CSS standards available now.

Coding standards

Your application should be cross-browser, cross-platform; it should read correct HTML semantics and it should pass the W3C compliance tests.

Browser testing

Make sure your application passes QA for most of the well-known browsers used at the moment but also considering both Microsoft and Mac OS X operating systems.

Code repositories - SVN, Git

Run all the development through versioning repositories in order to assure maximum flexibility over the produced outcome.

Testing web site security

Perform unit testing, site testing and integration testing at the end of every release

Test against external factors - MySQL injection, DDoS or denial-of-service attacks or monitor the server behaviour when certain long lasting operations will take place like searching within a large database.

Hosting support and maintenance

Make sure your development department has the correct authority and the right amount of knowledge it needs in order to have an efficient discussion with your hosting partner.