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Digital marketing

Digital marketing has gain a huge popularity in the last 10 years due to the ascendant course of search engine optimization benefits but also because of existence of digital marketing instruments made available such as search engine marketing or social online optimization.

Increase of awareness

Market segmentation

Use efficient tools in order to obtain details about your target market such as location, age intervals, gender, interests, profession or social status.

Conversion path

Monitor the routes performed by the average visitor - find the entry page, find the exit page, optimize the conversion path and minimize the number of pages a user needs to go through in order to land on your contact page.

Digital marketing strategies

Use both short term (pay-per-click or Facebook advertising) and long term (search engine optimization) digital media strategies in order to promote your web sites.


The e-commerce industry has increased due to the market interest to purchase online. The high-streets will have to build up online reputation even if they have secured a solid position within the local marketplace.

Price compare - add your products to shopping lists, or price compare web sites next to products from Amazon, eBay, Google, etc.

Google shopping - make your products appear just below the search box within the Google Shopping special section, when Googling for them

Marketing channels

There are several types of marketing campaigns we can run for your business. Have a look below and if you have any questions drop us an email or a call and we'll answer your questions.

Search engine optimization

Run a campaign which will push your web site on the first position of Google while searching for a certain keyword.


Create ad-based campaigns in order to promote your web site fast by using the pay-per-click mechanism.

Social media

Use modern social media tools like Tweeter in order to spread a message throughout a large community.

Email marketing

Update regularly your clients or partners by sending emails with the latest news or the latest events happening in your industry.

SMS marketing

Use SMS messages in order to capture the attention of your buyers spontaneously, quick and affordable.

Display advertising

Publish ads on your web site, earn revenue by publishing self-managed ads or by integrating Google's AdWords or similar 3rd parties.

Affiliate marketing

Reward your partners for redirecting potential customers to your web site. Affiliate marketing helps you recognize their efforts efficiently and accurately.