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Consulting and strategy

We provide consulting and advising services for both small and medium enterprises, and also for large organizations in order to allow them to make the right decisions in regards with their digital space.

Our experience allows us to design solutions in an efficient manner, based on both precedent cases and by following the existing technology trends.

We have the ability to understand and interpret web analytics/intelligence, user journey insights and to integrate change-requests triggered late during the project planning final stages.

Brand development

Print your logo on all your stationeries and make yourself visible by promoting your brand name. Identify unique aspects which could stand as USPs and make sure they’re all present on all your corporate items.

Corporate identity - design, communication, behaviour
Brand positioning strategy - heavy competitor evaluation
Digital strategy development - project planning your digital space
Digital media planning - media buying, digital advertising

Business intelligence and analytics

Consider the consumer decision making factors when building an e-commerce web site in order to convert the prospects who are looking for one-page checkout web forms instead of comprehensive payment wizards with long user journey stories.

Use business Intelligence and analytics tools in order to increase the average time spent by your visitors on your web site, reduce the bounce rate, make the content more relevant for Google and ultimately increase the conversion rate.

Competition research

Obtain details about your competitors’ references throughout the Internet such as inbound links, blogging activity, search their profile on Alexa or similar web sites, forum activities, etc.

Increase the conversion rate

Define the conversion path(s), entry page(s), main page and exit page(s), and compare your expectations with the traffic recorded.

Obtain user insights

Implement dynamic forms or questionnaires in order to obtain feedback from them on certain performed actions. Then evaluate the data gathered and start producing change-requests in order to fit your needs.

Web analytics

Control the main entry pages or exit pages from your web site. Obtain intelligence over the click-through rates or the bounce rates manifested and compare that those figures with the freshness of your content.

Technology architecture

Due to the constant technology improvement trends, new technical solutions become available almost every year.

Find out what benefits could a cloud solution provide you, identify a SaaS service provider which covers your office needs or experience the financial and technical advantages of using virtualization over your server equipment.

ICT strategy and transformation

We believe it’s more important to choose the right approach towards designing a project, rather than the design and the implementation stages themselves.

Cloud technologies

Choose a solution which offers virtually unlimited resources, is fully redundant and is not even being managed from the technical perspective by your staff.

Open source solutions

WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, Unix, Linux, Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, Dovecot - many well-known open source solutions which would suit most of the usual business demands manifested by SMEs.

All of them have large communities offering support and affordable commercial maintenance services.

Implementing web services

Facilitate the communication between 2 different technologies by implementing web services.

Such buffers can transmit data between 2+ fundamentally different platforms such as Microsoft and Linux.

Software-as-a-service generation

By using a web compact solution - offered and maintained by a 3rd party vendor - you can minimize considerably the amount of resources assigned to build and maintain an application which delivers the same benefits on your own infrastructure.

Maintenance and monitoring services

Every business should have an internal software maintenance process run with a pre-set frequency (e.g.: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) which should assure routine processes like backup, archiving, indexing, log incrementing, etc.).

Backbone technologies

The core or the backbone infrastructure keeps up your servers, your network, your web sites and the email system you’re using on a daily bases.

Our group is able to understand the technical processes which take place behind the server-side layer and we are able to advice you on the best decisions according with your needs.

Designing ICT architectures

Adding a firewall, a load balancer, a backup machine or a virtualized environment for hardware optimization will make the difference between a profitable business and one which invests more than it should within its ICT assets.

Expanding networks

Some technologies like Microsoft, allow a fast integration of new network nodes (subject to their technical role) however some platforms like Linux or Mac OS X require breaking down a server into services and distributing them over multiple servers in order to increase the overall capacity of the network.

Data centre and collocation

When looking for a data centre for collocation purposes, you might want to pay attention to the response time assured by the service provider, uptime guaranteed through the SLA, peering and BGP policy, Nagios reports and how should they treat emergency cases.

Security and protection - DoS and brute-force attacks

Protect your business by setting up a network filter to block unwanted packages, consider adding redundancy features or generate access passwords which do not contain dictionary words.

Web network management tools

Using web or desktop tools to dynamically access, ping or monitor the load of a network node - this will help you respond faster to a potential thread, close a port or block access from a pool of IP addresses.

Automated backup and recovery

Make sure you’re automating the weekly backup process along with any other child processes like the recovery simulation or the disk checking mechanism.

After creating each automation, the Cron activity should be tested. Consider high CPU load while testing and make sure that if 2 tasks will be running simultaneous, software conflicts will not take place.