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Approach us

Wondering how does it work?

Tell us your story, what do you need? Is it a developer? It can be anything from a single resource up to 5 members of staff.

Give us a short description for the project and we’ll provide you with contacts for contractors performing what you’ve required!

Give us a call and share with us a few requirements from your project, we’ll give you a quick estimation as in how long it will take to have it implemented and what budget you should expect to prepare. All this will be done free of charge!

You will not be caught in long term (e.g. 12+ months) contracts!

Unless you’d like to, there shall be no mediator between yourself and a developer. We can work remotely or from your offices!


Why not a software house?

We’re only charging for the resource(s) you’ll require – e.g.: a developer, a project manager, a tester, etc. – and the budget will ultimately hit the resource’s pocket. An agency will also charge you for:

  •  rent, electricity/gas, services
  •  admin costs
  •  accounting, legal
  •  presentations, sales, pre-sales
  •  consulting, technical support

Don’t believe us? Try some agencies – here are the prices we’re charging for our own bits: http://www.itjobswatch.co.uk – publicly available, open – market averages.