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About Bogdan’s

Bogdan's is a group of professional contractors delivering technical services in Western Europe, having their headquarters in UK, London.

We've been on the market since 2004, had starter in Eastern Europe and we've witnessed the growth of the Internet from when Microsoft was offering us Windows 3.1 until today when Apple revolutionised the portable device industry.

What do we specialise in?

We do sell commercial services and we are formed from the same resources you would normally get if you'd go to a software house or a recruitment agency however we're not an agency and you'll not be charged for the extra services you'd normally have to face.

Who can join?

We are an open group of professional contractors, anyone can register and be putted forward for any project we may have.

A standard interactive agency will require massive daily rates for resources, we're only asking for the market average individual rates, you will build your own team and you will manage the development process.

How do we get these figures? - From http://www.itjobswatch.co.uk.